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Les Chevaliers has been providing quality chocolates and confectionery since our founding in 1993. Starting of with an assortment mini pralines in bulk for cash and carries and wholesalers we find ourselves today among the leading companies in the business in the Netherlands.
To stay where we are today and to expand our business to other countries both inside and outside Europe we continue to develope new concepts and articles. In fact this is one of our main goals for the future as we have also included in our mission statement:
“Les Chevaliers BV will strive for growth in every sense of the word without losing flexibility and creativity in the process. The most important thing however is to satisfy our clients and future clients.”

We invite you to browse our catalogue so you will get an idea of our possibilities. Christmas and Easter are just some of the themes we can offer you.


Contact us in case of questions or a need for more information.

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